Sunday, July 11, 2010

Peeing on a Stick

I woke up on June 18th and I just knew that I was pregnant. Really - I just knew. I kept having dreams the night before that I had this huge belly and it seemed so normal. So when I got out of bed I ran straight for the bathroom to take a test. I had already taken one the weekend before and it had come out negative, so I was planning on the same result from this one. Wrong. Immediately after I took the test, a plus sign showed up! I freaked out. I ran to my husband and told him, but he didn't believe me for a few minutes. We weren't planning on this for another three years, so you can picture how shocked we were!

I took a second test after my husband convinced me it was probably a false positive, and the result was the same. At this moment, I remember thinking two things - that I was really excited to be a mommy, and picturing how fat I was about to become from eating all of my favorite foods.

It was so hard not to tell anyone that day, but it was pretty cool that we found out the day before our one-year wedding anniversary. And so, the journey to mommyhood begins....


Hello -

I am starting this blog mostly for myself :) I am finding the need to vent and recount my experience being pregnant and sometimes there is no one to go to. My husband is amazing, but doesn't understand what feeling like my uterus is being run over by a semi means. My friends are incredible and understanding, but they aren't able to give me advice; most of them are still out partying or planning their weddings and I don't want to bother them. Pregnancy sites (that I shouldn't name) are full of either 15-year-olds who are constantly questioning whether they are pregnant or not and women in their 30's who think they are so superior and all-knowing that they decide to tell everyone how they should raise their children.

So, if no one reads this because they are bored, or offended, or annoyed by my lack of writing skills, that's cool with me. I'm reading it and telling myself I'm not that crazy!!