Friday, August 3, 2012


So I've officially not blogged in over two months. I've just been so consumed - with life. Nothing exciting or terrible has happened, but I've been busy running after my baby who is barely a baby anymore. He's a full-grown toddler now and he takes up ALL of my energy. He is non-stop energy from morning until night. So that leaves me just a little free time at night that is spent trying to relax and not worry about blogging stats, uploading photos, etc.

But, I have to say that I'm starting to miss it. I miss updating family and such about Jackson and just unloading my random thoughts.

So no promises that I will be regularly updating, but I'll try to be less sporadic.

Jackson is SO big now and he is growing like crazy. He can say a handful of words, but is still much more physical than communicative. He is a happy little guy and we can't get enough of his personality! He likes to play with buckles and snaps and tries to figure out how everything works. He can put on pants/shorts onto one leg and is incredibly independent. He gets mad when you do something for him that HE wants to do!

Here are some recent photos of Jackson: