Thursday, January 27, 2011


The insane urge to get my "nest" ready for Jackson is setting in. For most women, this is a cleaning marathon where every bathroom tile is scrubbed with a toothbrush and all baby's clothes are washed three times.

For me, it's the urge to shop. Are you really surprised? I didn't think so.

I have this incredible urge to organize everything in my house and buy all the little odds and ends that I haven't purchased because I don't technically "need" them. But I NEED them now. Right now.

It seems like new potholders and mixing bowls and shelving units are as essential as water and clothing at this point. I'm trying to limit myself from shopping, but it's incredibly difficult.

Maybe the cleaning thing will catch up to me soon, but until then, I think Trevor should probably not pay attention to the Discover bill. Mama's making her "nest".

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

36 Weeks

We are officially into the single week appointments, and I do not enjoy the up close checking that is done by my doctor. But - four, five more weeks tops and I won't have to deal with them.

My due date has been pushed back four days to the 24th since he has been measuring so small. Kind of a bummer, but it really doesn't mean much. I have a feeling that he will come whenever he wants, not because of a date on a calendar (much to my dismay).

36 Week Stats are:

How far along? 36 weeks
How I'm feeling: Tired. Cranky. Tired. Hungry. Uncomfortable. Tired.
Total weight gain/loss: 22 lbs. Getting real close to my 25 lb. goal.

Food cravings: Valentine's Day candy.
Feeling Baby? Yes, mostly in the evenings.

What I love this week: Not much. I get a massage on Thursday, so that's a bright moment.
What I hate: Everything. Except conversation hearts and hershey's kisses.
What I can't wait for: The moment when I realize, "this is it"!

Moment of last week:
Meeting a friend for coffee. Fun things that I will be more limited on in the future.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's the Final Countdown...

One month from today.... probably nothing will happen. He may come earlier, most likely will come later, and will least likely arrive on the 20th of February.

Ah, jeez....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Miss My Clothes

I am having clothing withdrawal. I miss my clothes! It's been months since I have worn my normal jeans and I have tubs of clothes packed away just waiting for me to bring them back upstairs. I have been very blessed not to have blown up like a hot air balloon during this pregnancy, which probably means that I will see those clothes sooner rather than later. Still, I keep seeing girls with cute outfits on and I get so jealous! I want to wear my nice jeans again. I guess I also just want to wear pants that don't have a stretchy waistband.

When I can fit into non-maternity clothes again I am going on a shopping spree. Closet - let me apologize now for overloading you yet again. I promise that I won't give you more than you can handle. We just need to find a place for Trevor's clothes to go!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maternity Photos

A friend of ours is a fantastic photographer and we adore her photos so much. We were so excited when she offered to take some maternity shots for us. We took them down by her home in Littleton, Colorado and it was so much fun. I'm so thankful that Trevor is such a good sport about taking pictures and I would have hated to be alone because he always makes me laugh and feel so relaxed.
I'm posting a few of my favorites, but if you want to see more check out Jamee's website - and click on her blog. Check out all of her work too - she rocks!!

35 Weeks

4 Weeks, 5 Days.... until due date. Which really means nothing at all. He could come in 3 weeks and 4 days, or 5 weeks and 2 days, and it would all be considered "normal". If you know me, you know that I thrive on planning and control and schedules. So this whole "he'll come when he's ready" nonsense sucks - big time.

I'm starting to feel ready now, and I wish that I could fast forward through the last month of pregnancy. You never hear good things about the last month - only pain and lack of comfort and enormous swelled extremities. I can pass that up. If only I were Sleeping Beauty and could just float away to a dream world for a few weeks. And then I would wake up and go into crazy nesting mode (which I'm secretly looking forward to - shhh, don't tell my husband), and then I would have a short and sweet labor and BAM! - there's my baby. Wishful thinking.

With that said, here are my 35 week stats:

How far along? 35 weeks
How I'm feeling: Annoyed. Everything anyone does is annoying to me these days.
Total weight gain/loss: Somewhere around 20lbs - I'm only letting myself get weighed at the doctor's office so that I don't have to carry it around on my shoulders all the time.

Food cravings: burgers. but I haven't really had any.
Feeling Baby? Yep - he's now a rib kicker.

What I love this week: Looking forward to our hospital tour and wrapping things up with the girls I coach. I only have a few weeks left with them!
What I hate: Looking at calendars. February 20th looks light-years away.
What I can't wait for: Meeting this baby! Kind of doubt that answer will change for the next five weeks (unless he gets here and then I will probably say I can't wait for sleep and wine).

Moment of last week:
Spending the day with my lovely husband - we went to a movie and lunch and then just hung out at home for a bit. It was awesome.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years Resolution Check-In

So one of my resolutions this year was to spend more time on my *hobbies* (photography, sewing, scrapbooking).

This past weekend I spent some time on all three. Here is what I did:

Photography: It was snowing so I took a bunch of pictures of our doggies playing in the yard. Here are a few:

Scrapbooking: I spent a lot of time Sunday making pages and filling up a book. I am on a break until I get more supplies :)

Sewing: I purchased a Singer a few days after Christmas and have spent the past few weeks getting to know the machine and working on simple techniques. I have made a few projects, and am learning from my mistakes. I am proud of this tote bag that I made on Saturday - second attempt, and so worth the time!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Little Magician

Ultrasound update:

Jackson is doing well! He is estimated at 4lbs 12 oz at the moment and was VERY active today at the ultrasound. He is head down for sure, which makes me breathe a little easier. Hopefully he won't turn or flip in the next 5 weeks.

He wouldn't let us see his face today; he was covering it with his little hands. Adorable :)

Dr. says she doesn't know where I am hiding this baby, but it's sure great that he is growing and doing well. He's pulling a disappearing act!

It was so wonderful to get another look at him today and it just makes me feel a little less worried about him. Ahhh....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

34 Weeks

Less than 6 weeks to go and it is moving so slowly. We had another labor prep class last night, and it still feels like it's so far away!

My appointment today went just okay. It looks like I am still measuring really small, so I have to go in for another ultrasound tomorrow. I know that everything is most likely completely fine, but I'm still a little worried. At least I get to see the little guy again!

Here are the 34 week stats:

How far along? 34 weeks
How I'm feeling: Tired. Waking up all through the night because of back aches and potty breaks is not what I call fun.
Total weight gain/loss: 20 lbs. What my goal was for the total pregnancy - and I still have 5 and a half weeks left. Oh well, I will have lots of time to get it back off after.

Food cravings: anything and everything. I am really hungry these days.
Feeling Baby? Yes, he gives a few shows a day of butt in the air.

What I love this week: The snow. But not the cold. And the fact that 99% of all babies born at this point and beyond are completely fine. Phew!
What I hate: Not being able to get situated at night. I am getting really grouchy. Just ask my husband. For some sick reason, he gets a kick out of my feisty shows.
What I can't wait for: My ultrasound tomorrow to make sure everything is good. Dr. says he is head down, which is pretty comforting.

Moment of last week:
Meeting up with friends. It's so nice to spend time with people I love! And taking our maternity photos. We had such a great time. I will post pics soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

33 Weeks

Less than 50 days to go to our due date! We are going to meet Jackson so soon and I can't express how excited/nervous I am!

Here are my stats:

How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I won't lie - I didn't want to weigh myself this week after the huge four pound increase in two weeks. I will just wait until next Tuesday when I go to my appointment. Bleh. The weight gain has been really hard to swallow and I am counting down the days until I can get back in shape.

Food cravings: not really anything specific.
Feeling Baby? Yes, he loves to put his booty in the air - I imagine him doing downward dog in their.

What I love this week: Being under the 50-day mark and being able to tell people we are having a baby next month. Crazy!!
What I hate: Feeling like a giant whale. Bleh. - from last week, but still pertains this week. Also, I hate that I remember nothing at all these days. I honestly forget everything within moments of thinking it. Fun.
What I can't wait for: Meeting this little guy. I think that will be my answer for the next 7 weeks.

Moment of last week: Cleaning out our basement. Lame, but so satisfying.


I was reading a magazine article all about happiness and it made me think about what makes me happy. It's true that the little things make me the happiest and I'm so lucky that I enjoy lots of things that make me happy every day.

Here they are:

My dog Kesler -I love to see him when he is zonked out in various positions. It always makes me smile.

Double happy - my husband and being on a beach. I am such a beach girl and I can't get enough (of my husband or the beach)

How do you not smile when you see this adorable face?? My little cuddle bug Tanner always brightens my day. He exudes happiness and I could learn so much from how simple his life is and how the littlest thing makes him happy.

I have the same addiction that millions of people around the world do - I LOVE me some delicious vanilla latte. Yum yum yum. I will pay $4 for a little happiness :)

Other little things that make me happy:
  • sleeping in
  • lazy weekend mornings in my pjs with Trevor and my doggies
  • new clothes
  • getting my hair done
  • massages
  • talking to friends
  • reading a good book
  • ice cream
  • yoga - ahh :)