Monday, June 27, 2011

4 Months

Jackson/JB/Jack -

You are getting SO big! Lots of fun stuff has been happening in your life this past month and I am so impressed with your development.

Eating - You eat 6oz every three hours or so. Sometimes you are starving and consume an entire 8oz bottle!! I am excited to start you on baby foods in a few months and can't wait to try out some recipes for you :) You are trying to feed yourself now and grab at your bottle. Mommy thinks this is cute and Daddy finds it irritating because you keep pushing your bottle out of your mouth and then get frustrated that it isn't there anymore :)

Sleeping - You are a decent night sleeper. You sleep from 7:30pm- 3am and then until 6-7am. Yesterday you let Mommy sleep in until 8:45am and it was amazing. Today - no such luck :) I love to carry you into our room and cuddle you for an extra few hours in the morning. We are still swaddling you, but last night was the last night because you rolled ALL the way over to your belly! I'm so proud of how strong your neck is, but you need arms to help get you back on your back.

Playtime - You are loving Baby Einstein. Mommy plays it once a day for you (at dinnertime so we can eat like civilized people again) and you are so into it. Your favorite scene is with a toy that has little blue and purple balls floating around in liquid. Whatever floats your boat little man!
You also have some favorite toys - a set of teething keys and a Baby Einstein music player. You are still growing into your jumperoo but you love to hang in there for a few minutes while someone bounces you.

Size - I'm not sure how much you weigh at the moment, but clothes-wise you are wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. You are starting to get too long for some of your clothes, but I hate how you drown in the 6-9 month outfits.

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