Sunday, June 12, 2011

14/15 Weeks

I am so incredibly late with this post. So late that JB is now halfway through the week and is closer to 16 weeks than 15. Life has just taken over everything and blogging is one of my last priorities after hanging with my family, running my teams, cleaning my house, running errands, and showering. It makes me tired just writing about it.

Jackson is turning a corner in his development. He is starting to form habits and learn how to get attention. He will now fuss when he wants me to drop whatever I'm doing and give him all my attention. We are attempting to get him to sleep at night without swaddling - tonight is night one so I'll let you all know how it goes. He likes to roll on his side and sleep and I am so over being paranoid about SIDS because I cannot let him sleep like that for very long without freaking out that he is going to perish. Thank you pediatrician for your endless 15-page memos on how I'm going to kill my child. I love being more anxious than normal.

He is also getting so big. He has almost complete control over holding his head up and he is now grabbing for specific things like toys and his bottle and my hair (what a grip!!).

Here are some photos of him that last few weeks - we took a mini vacation to Vail last weekend and he had his first pool experience. So adorable!!

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  1. Watch out world, we have a swimmer training for the 2027 Olympics!

    It's hard to keep the blogging up; but we are so very much enjoying them as long as you can do them!

    LY< Gpa & Nanna


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