Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Things

Here are my favorite things of July:

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - I love these things!! They are too cute and they last a while. I am really terrible at painting my own nails, so these are a lifesaver.

Straw Fedora Hats - like this one from delias.com. I love them, even if I get made fun of by my husband for wearing mine :)

Cake Pops - Can't get enough of them. I am about to make some red velvet cake ones. Delish!!

My new Elsa Peretti Bracelet - Thanks Hubby!! I love it :)

Wishful Thinking: Tiffany Diamond Earrings. *sigh*

What are your favorite items this month??


  1. ya!! hhmmmm....
    Tali's Favorite things:
    ~Dito on the Sally Hansen Nails! <3 them!
    ~My freshly weeded garden :)
    ~the lightening and thunderstorms lately
    ~fitting into an old pair of pants

  2. Yay for the pants!! I love that feeling. If I need a pick-me-up sometimes I will try on my "skinny" jeans. It makes me feel better (when they fit, of course!!).

  3. Sally Hansen nails are da bomb dot come ;) hehe


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