Friday, July 8, 2011

Wanna Bet?!

I have a confession - I am obsessed with taking small chances, i.e. entering giveaways, gambling (small amounts at a time, like a quarter. I'm no Noah Howard (who isn't even thinking about ever reading this blog)), and scratch tickets. It's not like I have a serious problem with not being able to control myself from spending thousands of dollars. I just like to spend a little. You know - like responsible gambling. So why do I NEVER win? I am seriously cursed. I have been to Vegas at least five times and I have came home in the hole. Every. Single. Time. Never have I won things like radio contests, raffles, and what pisses me off the most these days - blog giveaways. I am constantly 'liking' pages and commenting on products I enjoy and then I wait..... and nothing.

Maybe this is God's way of evening out my life. I am so incredibly blessed in many ways with my family and husband and such, so perhaps God decided to make me the unlucky lady. If anyone wants to draft off my bad luck, just invite me up to Blackhawk and buy my drinks all night. Then you can hop on the slots after me and collect jackpots.


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