Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out and About

The past few weeks have been very exciting in Jackson's life. We started Gymboree classes last week and he is LOVING them! He enjoys watching the other babies and mommies more than he likes to play on his tummy, but that's okay with me.

We also went to the zoo for the first time. It was so fun to watch JB look at all of the animals. He especially liked the elephants and the monkeys. We could only stay for about an hour and a half because it was 95 degrees outside.

Jackson has also started rolling over from his back to his tummy. It's so fun to watch him roll around, but he isn't super into being on his tummy. He gets so upset after a few minutes and then I have to roll him back over. Sleeping has become a big issue because he keeps waking himself up and he just can't seem to fall back asleep. Any ideas other mommies??

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