Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Those Damn Baby "Experts"

Were finally right for once. In almost all of the sleeping books I've read, the authors place a fair to large amount of emphasis on setting a consistent schedule for babies. This is supposed to help them sleep better. I scoffed at this idea for the longest time because I thought my baby might be different and love to try new things and live on the dangerous side (and be spontaneous, as I am not). I was SO WRONG!!

This little monkey of mine loves schedules and routines. Who knew?! Okay, everyone but me it seems. He has been sleeping like a little angel baby the past few weeks and I hope that it continues forever and ever. He is no longer napping with Momma either - he kicks and moves and wants to be away from me on his tummy, so we had to axe that :(

Here is a normal day for us now:

Wake-up: Between 7-8am
Morning Nap: From about 9:30-11/11:30am
Afternoon Nap: 2/2:30-4/4:30pm
Bedtime: 7/7:30pm

He will wake up somewhere between 12-1am and 3-5am and put himself back to sleep after some cooing and fussing, but I haven't had to get up to feed him all that often anymore. This being said, he is Mr. Fussers in the morning until he has had about 6oz of formula because he believes we have let him starve overnight. It's not pretty, and I must say that he inherited this quality from me (sigh).

I am so happy that he is sleeping so well now and I almost hate taking him places during his nap time because I know he will have a meltdown at some point and I will feel like a bad mom. I've now become "that mom" who schedules HER life around her baby's life.

Oh wait, that's what all mommies do. :)

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