Monday, August 1, 2011


That's me with blogging :) Honestly, I have been putting my energy to other things - mainly sleeping as much as possible because it's not happening at night. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I can't get Jackson to sleep through the night. Or for more than 3 hours at a time. WTF??? He eats at 7 (rice cereal and formula) and then gets a bath and is tucked in by 8. Then he almost always wakes up at 11 and needs "reassurance" from Momma, which entails me patting his belly and giving him a kiss. This happens again at 1am, at 3am he's starving and he eats 4oz, and then he wakes up at 5:30, and then 7:30. I have been letting him cry it out, but he won't stop crying. At all. For very long periods of time.

Other than the sleeping thing, he is amazing. He started eating rice cereal and he is getting the hang of it. Now he also tries to grab my food when I'm eating :)

He is getting so big! No more 3 month clothes, all 6 months and 6-9 months for my little man.

Jackson is getting so close to sitting on his own. He can hold himself up with his hands, but he is working on the real deal. Right now he is sitting next to me, trying to type on my computer.

He'd like to say a few things: xa4wqfaxgbynnbn6rtjy hukuFTSDDFSE4E SZA

So that's where we are :)


  1. You are not lazy. It's not surprising you have no personal time now. Just enjoy that lil guy cause in a heartbeat, he'll be off playing with his little friends!

  2. You should try introducing him to solids! My ped said rice cereal at 4 months and try solids by 5 but definitely by 6 he should be eating solids. I think once he's eating those at night he'll definitely sleep through the night! He's so, so cute and I can't believe how quickly they are gettin so big! Wah!

  3. Thanks for that advice Jenn- we have done just that in the past week and it has been great! He eats rice cereal in the morning, a little apples/bananas at lunch and a veggie like sweet potatoes at night. For the past three nights he has slept from 7:30pm-6:15am with only one short wake-up in the night (where I just have to give him a pacifier and he's out again). Phew!!


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