Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Ten - Babyproofing

My child is crawling (video to follow in a separate post). Maybe you didn't hear that right... I said, my little boy is a grown-up. He is now very mobile, and even though he hasn't totally mastered this skill, he can move all over the place. It's now time for babyproofing. Oh, you must think I'm a terrible mother because I didn't go through this hassle while I was pregnant. Because I had nothing going on then, like my need to incessantly clean and eat cheeseburgers.

In honor of Miss Mommy's Tuesday Ten, I have decided to make my blog about the ten (at the least) babyproofing items and areas I need to babyproof. This is a perfect Tuesday Ten for me because I get to share and do one of my favorite things ever as an OCD mom - make glorious lists.

1. Living Room Fireplace - talk about your sharp edges and corners. Getting some foam for sure!!

KidKusion Hearth Kusion Source: target.com

2. Baby Gates - Definitely going to lock this baby up in the living room, but thinking we should get one at the top of the stairs too. Not sure that's a necessity just yet, but it will be when he starts walking/figuring out how to get out of his room.

Munchkin Auto-Close Baby Gate. Source: Target

3. Cabinet and drawer locks - kitchen, bathrooms, and living room entertainment center. Not so much worried he will get into things that will hurt him, but worried he is going to slam his baby fingers constantly. Also concerned about Momma's make-up. Valid!
Dream Baby Bathroom Safety Kit. Source: target.com

4. Door knobs - again, not thinking this has to happen immediately, but I need to be able to keep him from opening the garage and basement doors. Maybe even the front door. Lord knows he will let the dogs out and they will never come home.

Safety 1st Knob Cover Source: BabiesRUs

5. Fridge - I have heard horror stories about babies that get into the refrigerator and cause all kinds of trouble.
Dream Baby Flexi Loop Lock. Source: BabiesRUs

6. Outlets - pretty obvious, right?

Safety 1st Outlet Covers. Source: BabiesRUs

7. Random faceplates for cable outlets - we have a few of these and I need to get flat faceplates to cover them. JB has already mosied over to one and tried to stick his finger in it. Bad, bad, bad.

8. Jack's room - I need to move everything off of the bottom shelf of his changing table unit and make sure to shut his closet door.

9. Cords - this baby loves cords. I have nightmares about finding him with one wrapped around his neck or hand or leg. Frightening.

10. The dogs - wishful thinking, but I would love to babyproof these two monsters. They get fur everywhere, they track in dirt, and this lick JB to show their undying love. I do need to move their doggy food somewhere though. I have no clue where because they eat when they feel like it, but I don't want Jackson to choke on a kernel of their food, or drown in their water bowl.

I am neurotic in general, and having a baby has amplified that by several hundred times. Now having a crawling baby is sending me over the edge. A glass of wine is in order after all my work today :)

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  1. When Arbon was maybe 2, she fell on my parents fireplace & cut open her forehead. Luckily we had a doctor who lived right near by & he sewed her up, BUT she still has a little scare. The scare is so cute & totally makes her look so bad ASS! What I'm trying to say it, you can't baby proof it all, so dont blame yourself when JB hurts himself on something. It happens to every baby. :) <3 you!

  2. Ahh, I remember those days. Lilah (my youngest) is going to be 2 next month so we're somewhat past those baby-proofing days. She still likes to get into drawers and color on things she shouldn't but no more bumping heads into corners etc. Goodluck!. Thanks for linking up! xx

  3. My 8 month old just started crawling too, so I can totally relate to this post!

  4. Tali - I know he will get into some mischief along the way so I can handle that. I just want to minimize it as much as possible :)

  5. Jade - I'm glad to know you are going through the same thing. Hopefully you aren't as crazy as I am! It is a good workout following them around though :) Thanks so much for checking out my post!

  6. I am still so there. I have three kids and the youngest is 9 months.


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