Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Ten

I found this mommy's blog on Bloggy Moms and I am in love with her Tuesday Ten posts. I am a sucker for any theme and this one is awesome.

Here is my Tuesday Ten - the ten best moments of my Tuesday:

1. Waking up to my little man - love love love

2. Checking in my grandparents - they arrive tomorrow!

3. Cuddling these friendly doggies.

4. Taking a walk to this view - amazing!

5. Shopping with my little man - we found his Halloween costume (this is just one mini-costume I got. The main one will be revealed in a few weeks)!


6. Coaching my girls - they are doing so great!

7. Dinner with this man - gorgeous.

8. Watching re-runs of The Office - cannot WAIT for the season premiere next week!

9. Family cuddles.

10. Snuggling up in my bed knowing how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family (even if they get fur everywhere, eat all the chocolate, and spit-up on my favorite jeans).


  1. Great post!!!. Thanks so much for linking up :)

  2. That is one cute chubby baby. Love your top 10 list for this day. Great to see people focusing on the happy parts of a day and things to love. My list could be an almost exact replica of yours. Thanks for reminding me of all the great things!

  3. Hi Tabitha! I just wanted to say thank you for the super sweet comment you left on my blog Mommas Like Me. Sounds like we like shopping at the same kind of stores for our homes :) I'm following your blog now too...your little man is just delicious! Love me a chubby baby boy! Have a great day hun!

  4. OH your so wonderful! I love this! I think we should all do this once a week!


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