Saturday, April 23, 2011

8 Weeks/2 Months Old

This little man is now 2 months old. Time has flown by! He is so sweet and fun to be with (almost all of the time). He is now starting to require entertainment between feedings and nap time. He likes his play gym, bouncy seat, swing, and looking at bright colors. I love to watch him explore things.

In the two months since I've been a mommy, I have learned so many things. Here are a few of them:

  • Never put on your "nice clothes" until you are moments from leaving the house. Doing so before is only asking for baby spit-up to cover your clothing and leave you furious and force you to change again.
  • Always assume that gas is actually baby poo. Don't make the mistake of thinking he wouldn't poop twice in ten minutes or it could land all over you.
  • JB loves to cuddle. He will sleep twice as long cuddled up next to someone as he will when he's alone. I love this, but I can only do it in the mornings or I would get crap sleep.
  • My favorite time is hanging out with Trevor and Jackson on the couch. We don't have to be doing anything and I am incredibly content. Throw the doggies in and it's heaven.
  • I will kill (or try my best to) anyone who would try to hurt my baby. Not joking. I think I would go bananas on someone if I thought they were trying to mess with Jack. Like a mama bear.
  • I think everything my child does is adorable and needs to be photographed/recorded. It's getting to be an obsession and I'm running out of camera memory.

  • The biggest thing I have learned as a parent is that it is possible to break the cycle of poor parenting. I can honestly promise my child that I will never abandon him, I will always encourage him, and he will never feel like I don't care enough (he will probably tell me that I am smothering him with too much love). I know that I will make mistakes (as I have already), but the difference between me and my parents is that I will take time to fix them and make sure that I learn something positive from them. I was really worried when I first realized that I was going to be a mom that I would turn out like mine and I wouldn't have any control because I rationalized that you parent as you were parented. But I have realized since JB was born that Trevor and I are making our own path as parents and we are able to control the way we raise our child. Thank goodness.

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  1. Remember Maria Delapoer said I wasn't the most protective Mother that Noah ever knew; I was involved....

    That will be you, my dear, involved and as protective as you need to be!


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