Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So I know there are about a million worse things I could be addicted to, but I can't help thinking my sweet tooth is getting out of hand. I have a serious problem... I keep making these delicious desserts and then I eat way more than my share. For Easter I made fruit pizza and I have eaten half of the leftovers on my own. Then I made some cake pops. What's better than a cupcake? I'll tell you - cake on a stick. Smushed cake mixed with frosting and coated with a candy shell. MMMMMMmmmmm, nom nom nom. I made them for my girls' last practice and somehow the cake fairy left another dozen at home with me.

How will I ever reach my goal weight with treats like this around my house??


  1. Agh, my sweet tooth is gonna be the end of me too! Gotta lose 20 more pounds somehow, but with all this yummy chocolate around. Gah!

  2. You're preachin to the choir here....LY< Cb.

  3. Hey there, you shold experiment with this one. You have to take your favorite Truffle/Chocolate, dip it into a tampura batter. Which is just flour and a liquid, club soda works good. Just google it if you have to. Tampura is just a thin light batter. Then you deep fry them just until golden brown and the inside is melted and warm. roll in your favorite topping like cocoa, coconut or cinnamon sugar, again you will have to experiment to see what works wiht the truffle that you are using and what flavours that you like; Let me know what you think, Uncle R

  4. Oh my goodness, that sounds AMAZING! I will have to try it on a day that I'm not attempting to wear pants that button!


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