Thursday, May 26, 2011

13 Weeks Old

Jackson is now 13 weeks old and is officially 3 months. He is so darling and I am loving spending my days with him more and more. I have to admit that other tasks are almost impossible for me to accomplish and I wonder how so many moms work full time. Jack isn't a "bad" baby, but he does require a lot of my attention. I also don't believe in just letting him sit in his swing/bouncy seat for hours at a time. I would rather engage him throughout the day. Not saying he doesn't go in his swing (he loves to nap there), but I hear of some babies practically living in their swings and I know that won't work for us.

He's a little piggy these days and is eating about 6oz of formula (when he gets is instead of breastmilk) and I swear that he eyes my food whenever he see me eating. I think it will be fun in a few months to introduce foods to him and see his reaction. Not so fun is all the food he will fling around the house (though I imagine my dogs will be in heaven).

We are still attempting to get him to sleep flat on his back through the night. He is a little wiggleworm and will wake himself up several times by trying to get out of his swaddle, kicking around, rolling on his side, etc. It's no fun to get up at 1am, 3am, 5am, 7am when he was sleeping in his car seat from 9pm-7am. I'm not the only one complaining. Whenever he wakes up, he is a disaster. He can't seem to focus on eating, he screams at me, and he is too angry to fall asleep again. He takes after his momma with his sleep needs.

Here are some photos of him from this past week. He is laughing a lot these days and he is also learning how to cry for attention. *Joy*

Other milestones: JB started to grab his feet as well as at toys. He also covers himself up with blankets if given the opportunity.

Happy Baby

Skeptical Baby

Ready for the Road

Future Ducks Fan

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