Friday, January 20, 2012

Jackson–11 Months Young

JB – We will be on vacation when you turn 11 months on the 24th, so I am posting this a little early.
You are incredible! Every day you pick up something new and it’s so amazing to watch all of your development. This week you have started sticking your tongue out at me when you want to be a little cheeky. It’s adorable. You have also started playing peek-a-boo by holding up a blanket in front of yourself (or in your case, covering your whole head) and raising it up and down. You think this is hilarious, and so does Momma.
You are getting closer and closer to walking each day and you have almost fully recovered from your black eye of last Saturday! You are a little hesitant to stand alone for more than 5 seconds, and I think once you are more confident you will be zooming around the house!
You have also started copying Momma when she does certain things – you like to repeat sounds, hand movements, and you cough when I cough (and then laugh about it). You also help Momma with daily chores like folding laundry and dusting. I hope that continues as you get older!!
Here you are – almost 11 months since you were born!

Momma and Daddy love you more and more every day!

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