Thursday, January 19, 2012

Swimsuit Ready -

I keep thinking it’s Friday today. I’ve caught myself four or five times looking at Friday on the calendar and planning out my day. I think I am just really excited to go on vacation. I am packing and trying on clothes and such, trying to figure out what to bring and what looks good on my post-baby body.

Which brings me to my question of the day – is any woman ever truly bikini-ready in their own opinion?? Does anyone feel 100% confident when they put on a two-piece that isn’t a tankini or some sort of skirty ensemble? Regardless of weight, size or shape I have yet to talk to one of my girlfriends that doesn’t cringe even just a little when they know a bikini-clad is coming up soon. Now that I’ve birthed a child, I am less confident than ever. I have a little extra skin/belly pooch, way bigger thighs, and that stupid line that you get while preggo still hasn’t left my tummy.

I am going through this terrible feeling right now of not wanting to go to the pool. I don’t know why I am dreading this so much because I have been doing really well on my diet and on exercise, but I can’t shake the feeling. For some reason it is easier for me to put on a tiny dance uniform and go shake my thang in front of people than it is for me to sit by a pool with my family without being ridiculously self-conscious.

I tried to fix my angst with a tankini, but that didn’t really work. I felt better about my tummy, but not my legs or thighs or muffin top or booty. So to fix that I ordered a skirted bottom (like a mini-skirt) form Victoria’s Secret – I just knew it would solve ALL my swimsuit problems. I mean, look at the photo below. How could I not order it when I was promised to look exactly like the model??



WRONG. All wrong. It was weird… and long and it looked like too much of a skirt to be a bathing suit and not enough of a skirt to wear out posed as real clothing.

So instead, I am off to Palm Springs with my old array of bathing suits – all the ones that just never seem to fit right. Here’s hoping I get over myself and realize there are way bigger things to worry about – such as world hunger, if the last Twilight movie will be good, and that darned ozone layer that I spent elementary school fearing.

Who knows? Maybe I will take a photo and post it when I get back. Stranger things have happened.


  1. Love this post. You are such a good writer. You made me laugh about the "more important things".

    Its funny because when I looked my best like in my teenage years, I felt the most self conscious. When I look back and realized that I looked amazing back then, I feel sad that I did not enjoy it. I think the same could be said of now. Is my body perfect? No, but it isn't old yet and I don't have any health problems so I have alot to be grateful for.

    I don't want to look back on myself at 24 and be sad that I didn't enjoy what I had going for me, so I choose not to focus on it and instead just try to focus on enjoying being alive. That is a gift. And it doesn't last forever :-)

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I feel like an "all over the place" writer :)

    You are so right about being alive and healthy. I am so blessed and I totally agree with you about the teenage thing - and I am only 26, so I need to enjoy this time before I start worrying about things like possible arthritis or another health ailment that keeps me from going swimming at all.

    Gosh, you are pretty wise!!

  3. LOL! I am dreading the sammme thing!! We are headed home to FL for vacation in exactly 12 days! I am definitely NOT bikini ready. Stretch marks, wiggles, and paleness. Ugh. But- none the less, I am just happy to go! haha


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