Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When My Son Almost Lost an Eye

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. Still, that’s how I felt when I saw him after the fall.
Here’s the background – Jackson is almost 11 months old and he is hell-bent on walking soon. Great goal, except he wobbles like a drunken sailor on the high seas. And he has no idea that he can’t actually walk yet. Oh, and did I mention that he has absolutely no fear?
So this past weekend he decided to transfer from his baby gate to the fireplace (about 10 inches). This is something he has been doing for months, but now he has lost the ability to judge the space correctly and he just sort of collapses. The first time he did this I was sitting maybe two feet from him and he slammed his chin into the fireplace. Bloody mouth, screaming, the whole deal. I kept my composure while I soothed him (and thankfully, no stiches needed) and then promptly broke into tears as soon as he went to sleep.
Fast forward to day 2 – I was gone to coach practice and when I came home I heard the story from my husband, who had convinced himself I would never leave JB alone with him again. He fell again on the fireplace, but this time hit his eye and nose and got some cuts right above his eye. Thank goodness I wasn’t here to witness this, because I would have had a small stroke.
Following this episode, JB then decides to do the same thing on our coffee table – cutting his mouth again and shoving his almost new tooth back up in his mouth. What a crappy Saturday for this child.
So now we have no coffee table, ottomans shoved around the fireplace, and two freaked out parents who are terrified to let this child even look like he might wobble.
Please tell me this is normal and that all babies look like they got in a bar fight over some milk and the closest seat to a showing of the new Baby Einstein, because if not, we are officially the world’s crappiest parents.
Here he is in all his beat-up glory:


  1. Oh poor baby! But yes, it does happen often! For awhile my daughters legs were covered in bruises from falling or running into things.

  2. So good to know it's not just my little guy. It seems like he is always getting bumps and such only on his head and it makes me feel like I have to explain myself when we are out in public!

  3. ahh... poor little guy! Totally normal. During the learning to walk phase with both kids we hardly had any furniture in the house. We still have no coffee table and Jaxson(who is almost three) is still covered in bruises from constantly rough housing (it's a boy thing)!

  4. poor little man! but he does look super cute regardless :D p.s. I'm your newest follower from studiousstitch.blogspot.com (via 3 four and under blog hop)

  5. Oh the poor little guy :(
    Don't be too hard on yourself, children are very forgiving.
    I hope he heals very quickly xo

  6. Omg! This was the funnest story ever! This, I a assume, is totally normal. One time we were down @ the beach & Arbon fell on the fire place & cut her eye brow. We were at least an hr away from a hospital, but luckily we had a neighbor who was a doctor & he came over & gave her a numbing shot & sewed her up on the kitchen table! Travis was mad, but I thought it was the greatest story ever! Now she's got the cutest little scar above her eye.
    Jb looks super bad ass i'm his photo ;-)


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