Friday, March 25, 2011

4 Weeks/1 Month

Jackson is one month old! Boy has he come a long way s
ince we met him on Feb. 24th. He is SO big these days! He is also developing and changing so much every day, and I love to spend time just watching his faces, or watching him sleep. Creepy mom alert....


JB has slept for 5+ hours twice this week. Hoping that this continues, but I don't want to get my hopes up. I'm still not used to this at all, so I wake up often just to check on him. I will calm down eventually and then I will get 5+ hours of sleep too!

Jackson has lots of new faces that mimic mommy's faces. My favorites are his crazy eyes look and his kissy-face/zoolander face.

He is more and more alert every day. Lately he has been staying awake in the mornings from 7:30-10ish. Then he gets an hour nap and is up again until 1.

I am still attempting to transition him out of sleeping in his car seat. Slowly but surely it will happen. I hope.

He is very demanding these days. He wants to be held or sleep in my lap all morning long, which means I don't get to eat breakfast unless I shovel it in my mouth while holding him. Today he has only allowed me to have some coffee and an oatmeal cookie. Okay, I chose the cookie. But it was staring me down and I was hungry :)

Jack is growing like crazy and has the cutest pudgy belly and double chin. Why is fat and chub so cute on babies and so not cute on me?? I attribute this growth to his voracious appetite. He is eating about 4-5oz every two-three hours. Yum yum yum!

Here is the little chunky butt at 1 month old:

I always catch him mid-yawn. Adorable!

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