Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Weight

My friends would all say that I am probably a bit obsessive when it comes to my weight and how my body looks. They are right. Which makes all this pregnancy weight gain hard to swallow. Especially since I don't own one of those adorable little bumps like lots of women; I am the embarrassed owner of "the pudge". This is what I call my belly these days. Doesn't look like I'm carrying a baby, but several extra pounds of Krispy Kremes. I will admit that I haven't been eating extra healthy, but don't I deserve to get the precious baby bump I have been waiting for?

I have decided that instead of complaining, I will try to be excited that I don't look especially pregnant yet. I hear it may help my chances of not getting stretch marks for a bit.

Hmmm.... thinking good thoughts.

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