Friday, February 10, 2012


My son is NOT a morning person, much like his momma. You do not even think about interacting with him until he has had his morning bottle and diaper change. He goes from a cranky, crazy little monster to the precious child I know and love. It’s pretty amazing to me some days to see his dramatic morning shows, but I quickly realize he may be mirroring someone else who isn’t too happy until she has her morning coffee and breakfast.
It looks like our children pick up a lot more than our eye color and nose shape. Makes you wonder what other personality traits he will pick up from us in the future!
As an angry little guy:
And as a happy little clam:
He loves to hide under the counter by his highchair and thinks it’s hilarious. I love it!


  1. He is so cute! My son is like me and not a morning person but my daughter is like my hubby... she just wakes up happy! I love it because most mornings I wake up to her singing in her crib. :)

    1. I have to say that I am really jealous of your daughter. My son wakes up screaming and since I am already not good at mornings it would be nice to be woken up with a happy baby!

  2. Oh boy! I find it so funny that people are either morning people or night people. I do mornings alright as does my daughter, but my hubby is a total grump in the morning and has the hardest time ever getting out of bed. I wonder what makes us so different?

    Either way, cutie pie!

    1. That's funny because my husband is really good in the mornings! I think I just need a lot of sleep and I never really get it with a baby. I'm not too grumpy, but I just run slow until about 10am!

  3. i hear ya...i'm not a morning person either. he's so cute! :)


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