Monday, February 27, 2012

Jackson’s 1st Birthday Party

Jackson celebrated his first birthday with family and friends. It was a great success (I only had one Mom fail with the video camera, and we did a take 2), and I am so grateful for everyone that helped us celebrate.

We didn’t truly have a theme, but we went in the direction of Baby Einstein. Lots of solid, bright colors and a fun party scape. Jackson adores Baby Einstein so I had the cake decorated with the caterpillar from Baby Einstein and called it a day.

He was a little weary at all the people at first, but he really warmed up and had a lot of fun. Mostly, I think it was the sugar high from his cake, but he stayed awake the entire party with no major meltdowns!

Here are my favorite pictures of the day:


Oh, and did I mention that my baby (who is now officially a toddler!) can walk??? He was a pro at his party, walking all over the house! He is learning how to climb over little obstacles and he’s working on turns. His favorite thing is to walk in circles in the living room. I can’t believe he is already doing this so well! It makes me miss the days where he was so tiny in my arms and barely made a sound. Oh boy am I in for a crazy year!


  1. Ahh! looks like a fantastic time! I love all the bright colors. Oh, and you are in for a crazy time now that he is walking. :)

  2. Yes you will be in for a crazy year!! You and me both lol
    What a great looking cake, either those letters were stuck on or someone has a very steady and neat hand at writing with icing!!
    Look at him in his little shirt and tie :)

    Happy 1st Birthday Jackson!!


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