Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Fever

Yesterday was the first day since Jackson was born where I thought, “I kind of think I am ready to have another baby”. And then the world ended.

Okay, so I’m a bit dramatic, but I really haven’t felt like I could handle another baby so soon. We have plans to think about another baby beginning sometime next year and we are nowhere close to that considering it’s still March.

Last week I was all, whoa - slow down beast child. And now I’m all, whoa – wouldn’t you love a little sister/brother to play with?

I attribute this change to the world around me. More and more people that I know are either trying to get pregnant or are currently pregnant and they give me the idea that I too can conquer the second baby.

So last night I dreamt about baby bumps and midnight feedings and all things newborn.

And I woke up this morning – exhausted. So when Jackson took a nap I did too. From 8:30-10am. And that will NOT be happening with a second baby.

So I’m good for now. At least another week. Until I hear about someone else being pregnant, or I see a newborn and my heart and ovaries melt.

I mean, look at this ball of precious? Who wouldn’t want a few more of those???




  1. I still get baby fever! All the time! I don't feel like I am done yet with my two but my hubby says no more. :(

    1. Those silly husbands :) I think I will probably get baby fever even as my kids are older. Babies are just so precious!!

  2. I totally agree!!
    And wow, they are really beautiful pictures of your gorgeous little man!! What a beautiful newborn he was :)
    They grow too quick!!

    1. Thank you Kerry! He was a beautiful little newborn. I am starting to really miss those days!

  3. I hear you loud and clear. I want more babies too. LIke 20 more! okay maybe like 2 more but I get baby fever too. Your little is way cute.

    1. Thank you! Now I {sort of} understand the Duggar mom having 20 kids - they are kind of addicting!


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