Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Ah, gotta love those pregnancy hormones!! I am definitely much more emotional these days and get sad, happy, angry, upset, excited much quicker than I did before. Here is a lovely example of that:

Sunday morning I was watching tv when one of those animal cruelty commercials came on. You know - the ones where pictures of sick and sad-looking animals are shown in terrible circumstances. Pre-pregnancy, I got upset looking at these pictures, but moved on after the commercial was over with a quick thought of love toward my own doggies. Not this time. This time I started tearing up immediately, and couldn't bear to watch the rest of the commercial. I was crying by the time it was over.

Then, to make matters much worse, my darling husband realizes what's happening and decides to play it up for his own entertainment. He starts making comments about the animals and when I look at him, he gives me the saddest face ever, complete with his bottom lip sticking out.

For whatever reason, that does it for me and I start full-blown sobbing. Mixed in with uncontrollable laughter at how ridiculous this all is. It would have been over in a few minutes if the husband would have quit with the pouty face.

What a disaster.

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