Wednesday, February 16, 2011

39 Weeks

I'm 8 days away from my due date! Crazy that it's so close, yet it feels like a month. I am definitely not sleeping well at all anymore; I have tons of contractions at night (which hurt!!) and then they go away during the day - except today. I have been feeling regular contractions every 20 minutes or so all day long. They aren't the most painful thing ever, but they do hurt. Just a little window of what's to come!

How far along? 39 weeks

How I'm feeling:
Tired, anxious, sleepy

Blood Pressure:108/70 - way down!!

Dilation: 1 and a half cm. Not much change from last week :(

Effacement: 90% - up 10%

Fetal Station: -1 - last week I was at a -2. This means baby is moving down into my pelvis even more. I can tell!!

What I love this week: Only one more week left!

What I hate: One more week left!

What I can't wait for: The moment where I realize I'm in active labor. And then I will promptly freak out because I'm in active labor.

Moment of last week: Valentine's Day with my wonderful husband. We had a great evening.


  1. You can gift me the dark chocolate dipped strawberries anytime!

    Like the new stationery on the baby bump page. Where will the blogging go when baby comes?

    Love, love, love the new blanket. You are incredibly talented with your new sewing machine.

    In a heartbeat, the little guy will be in your arms, and there is going to be a profound bond in your life that can never be altered. It's almost spiritual. Hang in there!

    LY< C.

  2. Carol -

    I will continue the blog for craft projects and mainly to share Jack's progression with family that isn't close by. I don't want to post every little thing on Facebook, so I will post on here! That way I don't alienate all my friends who don't have babies and don't want to hear about baby poop and breastfeeding!


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