Friday, February 4, 2011

so. darn. tired.

The last few days a wave of pure exhaustion has hit me. Normally I wake up at 7:30am, have some breakfast, and get stuff done. Sleep at about 11pm.

Lately, I just can't seem to get anything done. I start cleaning and I stop before my checklist is over because I'm tired. I start scrapbooking or other project and I stop after a bit because I'm tired. I go grocery shopping and I only make it to one store because I can't bear the thought of going to them all.

Today I woke up at about 7:45am, hung out and ate and scrapbooked until about 9:30am when I became so tired and a little nauseous. Sent myself back to bed (I channeled Trevor who normally does this for me) and managed to drag myself out at 11:45am. I feel productive because I threw a load of laundry in and emptied the dishwasher.

I feel too tired to watch TV or even read so I will probably spend the afternoon zoning out with my doggies. What a weird feeling!

This will probably be me in two hours or so.

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