Sunday, February 20, 2011

I can't wait for....

There are many things I can't wait for after my pregnancy is over (besides my baby, of course!!). It's really amazing how much being pregnant changes your daily routine. I have really loved this little guy growing inside me (until now when he is enormous), but I have to admit I'm pretty excited for life to go back to normal.

Here are some things I can't wait for:

  • High Heels - So not doable at this moment, but I can't wait to wear my heels again. It's been months!! I have been living in Uggs and tennis shoes and I am super excited to thrown on some heels and feel taller again!
  • No more acid reflux - I can't wait for the day when I don't have to take special medicine twice a day, and I can sleep without my wedge pillow. I'm pretty over eating 8 Tums per day on top of my medicine!
  • Goodbye preggo side effects - I hope to say sayonara to the lack of bladder control, the constant back pain, my oily hair, and most of all, the teenage acne. I dream of the day I have a clear face again.
  • Spending "quality time" with my husband. If you know what I mean. Hippos aren't supposed to mate with humans. It's just awkward.
  • Wine. Ahhhh.
  • Normal exercise. I'm excited for the day I get to sweat it out again. Can't even wait to maybe take a dance class, and go to hot yoga.
  • Sushi/fish/shrimp - praying that I can have these things again without any kind of reaction - mental or physical.
I know there are more things, but let's get through these first. That might take a while!

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  1. I'm obsessed and in love with this post! It is too bad you live so far away or I'd say we def need a girls night out with some sushi and wine! lol :)


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