Monday, February 21, 2011

Let Me Be!

I know that I am so lucky that so many people care enough about me and baby Jackson to call/text and check up on how we are doing. But I know why you're really calling this week, and I have had enough!! I'm starting to field 5-10 calls and texts every day, and they ask the following:

  • Is the baby here yet?
  • Where's the baby?
  • When's the baby coming?
  • You gonna pop anytime soon?
  • That baby still in there?
  • Are you miserable?
  • How uncomfortable are you?
  • Are you dying?
Good grief!! It's getting to the point where I'm considering screening phone calls. Just this morning, my mom called. I couldn't answer her because I wasn't near my phone, so instead of leaving a voicemail, she decides to call back-to-back. I answer and she is freaking out - "Are you okay? How are you feeling? Are you in labor?" She just had a feeling I was. *Sigh*.

Trevor or I (probably Trevor because I will not be in the mood to call) will notify people when the baby is here. Pestering me to check the status of the nugget will only get you bumped down the list.

Now, if you want to call and offer me ice cream or Chick fil A, I might be more inclined to answer your questions in a nicer way. Otherwise, you may get Oscar the Grouch when you call my phone. Or I will let my big doggie Kesler take care of business. He hasn't tasted human flesh for a few years and he's getting antsy :)

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  1. I know! I feel like I'm disappointing people when I tell them there's no action going on too! haha


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