Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Mysteries of an Infant

There are so many quirks I would love to figure out about babies, but I think they will remain mysteries. Maybe it’s better that way…,

You know, things like:

Their kung-fu grip – how the heck can babies hold onto your hair for dear life? It would be awesome if I could teach Jackson how to open sticky jars and zip up his own sleepers.

Their ability to poo right after you change them – seriously, JB does this every day. I don’t want to leave him wet or dirty, so I change him and he goes like 5 minutes later. It’s maddening!!

Their attention span – You could give a baby a toy with a million colors and songs and such and I swear that my baby would rather play with the popsicle stick the doctor gives him after checking his throat. It’s amazing to me that the simplest things impress babies. It’s too bad the remote only keeps him occupied for so long  or I would buy 10 remotes, clean them, and let him go to town.

Their 6th sense of mommy sickness – Whenever I am tired or sick Jack seems to pick up on this and become extra needy. He needs extra love, he wakes up in the middle of the night, and he is a bit more fussy than usual. I don’t think he is getting sick too because this happens during Mommy’s, well, Mommy time of the month as well as any other time I am not feeling great.

I’m sure there are many more to add – any thoughts??

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  1. HAHAHA each and every one of these is so true! I'm laughing like crazy over here!


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