Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Ten – Memories

Today for my Tuesday Ten I want to share my top ten memories of the past ten years. This past week I have been particularly challenged with a negative attitude and a very fussy teething baby, so this is the perfect pick-me-up. They are in chronological order, not necessarily in order of importance.

10. Rapids Seasons – Such a fun time in my life.



9.Meeting Trevor – The night we met was fun, but not the best night we’ve had together. Still, if I never would have shown up to his party, who knows where we would be?


8. Adopting Tanner Bartel – This dog has put us through quite a bit of damaged goods, but we love him anyway. Plus, look how cute he was as a puppy!

IMG00049 IMG00053

7. College Graduation – Lots of family came together to come and support me.


6.Engagement – 2 days after my college graduation! I’ll never forget the magic of that trip.


5. My Wedding day – So much planning finally came to fruition. It was a blast to celebrate with family and friends.

500Tabitha and Trevor Wedding (Wedding Party)16

4. Our Honeymoon – Best vacation to date. Maui is incredible.


3. Discovering I was pregnant – This is a moment I don’t think women can ever forget. There were about a million thoughts running through my head when I realized the test was positive. What an emotional moment!

2. Jackson’s birthday – Again, I doubt anyone could forget the birth of their children. What an amazing and exciting day. I was so nervous in the weeks leading up to the delivery and I’m so blessed that everything went as well as it did.


1. Every Time JB Learns Something New – How awesome is it to watch a baby discover new things for the first time?! Jack’s first smile, the first time he sat up, when he started crawling, and when he ate food for the first time are such wonderful memories.  


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  1. Hey! I like this! I love photos! And it made me think back for a moment to when I found out I was preggers the first time. I found you via, MissMommy!


  2. aww a stroll down memory lane.. thats an adorable idea! Loved it!!!



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