Thursday, October 27, 2011

Your Forever Momma

To My Little Bear:

I will forever be your momma
I will love you always and without reserve
I will wipe away your tears, your snot, and all the food you smear on your precious face
I will be here when you learn to walk, to run, and to jump
I will be here when you learn to talk and when you can yell my name
Forever I will call you my sweet baby boy, my JB, my nugget
I will be here when you come home from your first day of school
I will high-five you when you kick a goal, when you write a great story, when you dance your first dance
I will hug you when you fall, when you lose a tooth, when you get rejected by a girl
I will laugh when you tell jokes, when you are silly, and even when you aren't trying to be funny
I will teach you how to be kind, to respect life, and how to make fun of your daddy
I will watch you grow up into an amazing man and person
I will see you off to college, to get married, and I will hold your babies and love them to pieces
I will relish in every moment of your life knowing that I created you...with the best man ever as your daddy
I will be proud forever to be your momma...always

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