Monday, October 24, 2011

Under the Weather

Last week I was lucky enough to experience what being a sick mommy feels like. I caught a stomach bug and I was out of commission for two days. Unfortunately, I don’t have a babysitter on call to help in these situations, and my husband has been so slammed at work that he couldn’t stay home with Jackson. It was really difficult to take care of a baby when I was feeling so terrible. Honestly, no one enjoys being sick, but people with a conventional job get to just call in sick and stay in bed all day. Stay-at-home mommies and daddies don’t get that choice, and I have hit yet another level of respect for all my fellow stay-at-home/work-at-home parents.

Luckily I began feeling better around Friday because I had a ton of friends in town and a bachelorette scavenger hunt, party, and shower to attend. What a busy weekend!!

And now for some cute baby photos:


Jackson was messing with Trevor’s amp while he played guitar. Future rock star in the house??

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