Monday, October 31, 2011

This Week’s Menu & Challenge Update

So I have been working hard on my challenge for October – to cut our grocery bills by 30-40%. I’ve done pretty well so far and hope to keep this up in the future. The best tools I have used to save money are menu planning and using coupons. I have found that planning ahead helps a ton when I am in the store because I don’t impulse buy.

So here is an update of my weekly expenditures:

Week 1: $101.58

Week 2: $150

Week 3: $168

Week 4: $132.15

Week 5: $157

Week 6: $101.97

Total = $810.70

Total Savings based on $200 per week average = $389 or 32%

And here is our menu for this week:

Sunday – Turkey Broccoli Casserole (I don’t have a recipe because it’s one of those throw-it-all-together meals)

Monday – Shrimp Scampi ( I just cook shrimp, angel hair pasta, and throw it together with sauce and we are good!)

Tuesday – Orange Chicken Slow Cooker Style. I got the recipe here.

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Chicken with potatoes and butternut squash

Friday – Pizza

Saturday – Leftovers

So there you have it – 32% is pretty good overall. I think I am going to strive for 35% next month – I’ll keep you updated.

As for November’s challenge, I can’t decide between a fitness challenge or a craft challenge. Any thoughts??


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