Monday, October 25, 2010

23 Weeks

I can't believe I am at 23 weeks! It seems like yesterday that we found out about our little nugget - who is getting so big!! Jackson is now estimated at 8.5 inches and 1.5lbs. WOW!!! My belly is starting to get bigger and bigger as well, and I am slathering on the awesome belly creme Carol (fab MIL) gave me in hopes of avoiding stretch marks.

We have set dates to clear out Trevor's office and paint - Nov. 26th-28th, right after Thanksgiving. I cannot even wait for that time. I am such a planner and decorator and I have been having nightmares about having Jack before the room is finished. Yikes!!!

Back to my stats:

How far along? 23 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Back to 8lbs thanks to my meds and Whole Foods' delicious ice cream.
Stretch marks? stay away, please!!
Food cravings: ice cream - chocolate and french vanilla. Delish :)
Feeling Baby? For sure - he is getting predictable with timing and movements. I can also see my tummy move when he kicks. Too cute.
Wearing maternity clothes? Ahh, I love the elastic waistband on my jeans. So amazing!
What I love: When Trevor talks to Jackson and touches my belly.
What I hate: When people I am not comfortable with touch my belly. Awkward and extremely annoying. I want to punch them. In the face.
What I am can't wait for: My Shower!!

Moment of the Week: Going to book club and having such wonderful friends. They are extremely supportive and sweet :)

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