Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pregnant Lady Breakdown

It hasn't been an easy week - since last Tuesday I have been choking down food feeling like it is stuck in my throat. It has become so bad that I can't eat solids, and even some liquids aren't going down well. I finally saw a specialist today, and he confirmed my suspicions - acid reflux. Thankfully, this is something that should go away after baby Jack is here. I was checked out and prescribed some delicious dissolving Prevacid and sent on my merry way to the pharmacy.

(This is the moment where you picture me happy to have a solution and hopeful that it works.)

Then I get to my pharmacy to pick up the prescription and that's when the meltdown started. They not-so-kindly informed me that my insurance won't cover this medicine since I am over 5 years old. WHAT?!?! Don't the elderly need easy-to-swallow tablets too? I replied that I really need this medicine, so I will either pay for it out of my pocket or they can give me a generic. "Fine" replies the snotty pharmacy tech. "It will be $177 for those dissolving pills you want, and we can't give them to you without authorization from your insurance company". I thought my insurance company wasn't covering them???

(At this point, picture me as a tired, STARVING, upset pregnant woman who had had enough after three, yes three, doctor's appointments today.)

I did what any hungry, desperate pregnant woman would do - cry. I let this mean lady know that I can't eat food right now and I'm pregnant and I need this medicine. She was heartless. She sent me away saying they would call my doctor's office with for a "prior authorization" and that it takes at least 4 days and it will probably be rejected, and they will call me when they hear something.

UGHHHH! I am so frustrated. It was worse than being at the DMV. Thankfully when I called my doctor, they were very helpful and are calling the pharmacy to get something else for me. I now very much dislike pharmacy people. A LOT. And I am still hungry. Boo.

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