Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wall Art

Last night I starting getting the nesting urge. I decided to try out my artistic skills and create some inexpensive wall art for Jackson.

Our nursery theme is alphabet and animals, and probably a hodge-podge of random design elements like stripes and dots and such.

Here is painting #1 - I painted some stripes on a blank canvas I had laying around. The colors are samples of what we are thinking of painting the room, so not added cost there. I purchased the wooden animals and letter at Michaels for $.33 each! Total cost: $1.64.

This second one isn't completely finished yet. I am thinking about adding some additional animals to this canvas, or possibly some letters.
The canvas is one that I had left over from a prior art project, and the paint again are samples as well as some acrylic paint. Total cost - free!!

Can't wait to put them up and decorate!

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