Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So last night, my incredible husband was serenading me with the worst song ever written (in my opinion) - "More than Words" by Extreme. I was so over the serenade that I turned off the light and huffed and puffed my fussy self over to the bed. I completely misjudged where my pillow was and hit my head on the wall - Crash!!

So all of today I have had a terrible headache that won't seem to go away and the embarrassment is lingering as well.

Another reason to hate that ridiculous song. I wish I could get rid of its existence from my brain.

On another note, I think I have found a new love in crafts - scrapbooking. I have decided to compile one per year (except that I have a feeling I will be crazy photo mom when this child arrives), so if you know of any good websites/ideas please let me know!

Hopefully this is a hobby I don't get bored with. Time will tell!!

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