Sunday, November 13, 2011

Give a Dog a Bone

I had one of those moments today – the ones where you feel like you are living a lifetime of moments and all these thoughts are flashing through your head even though in reality it’s only been about 5 seconds.

I have this beast dog Kesler. He hates people and other dogs. He lives for his family and will do anything to protect and watch over us. A few years ago we had to invest in a shock collar system for both of our dogs because they were jumping our fence and we were worried the small one would get run over and the big one would kill something.

So far, it’s worked pretty well. Until today. I let the out when I returned home from the store and returned to putting away groceries. I heard them barking, which is normal when they see another dog and usually I just call them in so they shut up. When I went outside, Kesler was in the “no zone” with the shock collar going crazy. He could have cared less that he was getting shocked at the highest level. And as I’m inching toward him to usher him in the house, he goes and jumps the fence. Bastard. Then the little one decides he should jump too.

They go after the dog, and here’s where that moment happened. As he was lunging for this poor innocent animal I was waiting for my dog to kill the other one. And then we would have had to put him down. His owner probably would have beat me up, with good reasoning. Then she would have sued us for killing the dog. We would have been stoned out of the neighborhood and probably would have felt immense amounts of guilt the rest of our lives.

Fortunately, my dog decided he just wanted to show this other dog who the boss was and then sniff his ass. I jumped the fence (yes, we have a gate, but it was SO fast!) and grabbed that asshole dog of ours and promptly marched him inside. Jackson was in the house the whole time and I had to grab him to bring him out and track down Tanner – also known as the runner. I was pretty sure he would die today as well, but thankfully this woman stuck around so my dog could love her dog.

Now we have to let the big dog out on a leash. Like we live in apartments or something. What a hassle, but much better than the alternative.

Man I wish we had a 6-foot fence and this stupid HOA would allow it. Also, though I didn’t hit my dogs I am pretty sure I used more expletives in a five-minute span than I have this entire year. I was so pissed that I scared the baby.

The dogs will be hanging in the basement today until I can get a grip and I lose the urge to drop-kick them. 

They look so peaceful here:




  1. I hate HOAs. Sure, they do a measure of good, but seriously! You need to keep your animals in the yard!

    We also have a big dog. A Great Dane. See here

  2. I love your sense of humour!! Glad all went over well in the end :0)

  3. Thanks Kerry! I was terrified for a few minutes, but then anger replaced it!

  4. Dogs...they just need to rebel every once in a while...just like us humans :)


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