Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I’m blank Because…


This post was inspired by Little Miss Momma and Mommas Like Me.


I’m weird because:

I need three pillows to sleep – one under my head, one under my knees and one on my stomach.

I love coconut flavored slushies but hate the taste and texture of actual coconut.

I could take a million pictures of myself and not like a single one.

I melt every time Jackson holds my finger with his hand.

I change my hair all the time – short, red, black, brown, but I never like it as much as long and blonde. Yet it keeps happening.

I hate spending money on servicing my car or house but I don’t care how much it costs to get my hair done – so worth it.

I can go through labor without totally losing it, but the thought of going to the dentist makes me start sweating immediately.

I make dozens of lists per week and still get angry when I can’t cross off every single item on them.

I steal my son’s snacks.

I eat chips and frosting together – often.

I hate working out, but I force myself to do it.

I’m a bad friend because:

I will return e-mails and texts days later.

I interrupt people – not because I don’t listen, but I get so excited about conversations!

I’m picky about where we hang out.

I’m a good friend because:

I will never leave a friend behind.

I am always down to go out and I never judge the crazy things we do when girls’ nights are happening.

I get really invested in what my friends are doing and hope they succeed.

I’m excited for:

Jackson’s first holiday season.

Family to visit for the holidays.

Our vacation to Palm Springs in January.

The future with my family.

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