Friday, November 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

Sometimes I cannot believe that I was ever 8 years old! When I think back to my outlook on life then I laugh out loud!


Back when everything was so simple – friends were just friends, calories didn’t exist, and boys were smelly and weird.

Today I am so over myself that these pictures make me feel better. I went to the dentist this morning to get a filling re-done and it was so not fun. I hate the dentist more than any other doctor and usually I get laughing gas when I go because it causes me great anxiety. They didn’t give it to me today because it was so quick. I also hate the whole day after I get dental work done because my head hurts, I can’t eat anything and I am just a mean hungry lady.

Whatever, I’m looking forward to a good weekend and some delicious sushi tonight!


  1. You were such a cutie! I miss the simply days too... No turning back now though! ;)

  2. Aww..haha.. So cute! I miss those days too.


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