Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Ten–Mommy Changes

So I haven’t changed who I am at the core, but there have been several adjustments to my life so I am dedicating this Tuesday Ten to all of those.

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1. I am no longer grossed out by spit-up, shooting pee or baby poo that somehow makes it’s way onto the weirdest areas (fireplace hearth, anyone??). I am, however, incredibly disgusted by my dog’s drool and fur and paw marks on my wood floor because I’m worried about all the germs my baby is crawling around in.

2. Instead of having popular radio songs stuck in my head, I seem to only have the Little Einsteins and Mickey mouse Clubhouse theme songs running on repeat when I am trying to sleep. “It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – come inside, it’s fun inside.” Not as fun inside my head.

3. I can eat an entire meal in less than five minutes with only one free hand. Now THAT”S talent. I swear that I never seem to have time to eat, but I still seem to eat a lot of crap during the day. Probably because it’s a lot easier to grab a handful of chips than it is to make a salad and healthy sandwich. I used to be a really slow eater and almost never finished my meal before my husband, and now I scarf it down like there’s no tomorrow.

4. Shower time has become my time to relax – I never used to see showers as all that relaxing because there is so much to do: wash my hair, condition my hair, shave, scrub my face, use body wash, etc. Now it’s this ten-minute window of warm, steamy heaven that I get to enjoy without dogs whining or babies crying. Ahhh… I’m contemplating leaving this post until later so I can go shower now!

5. Late, crazy nights have gone from 3am Taco Bell Runs to 11pm movie nights with 2 or 3 glasses of wine. I still go out once in a while, but I honestly would rather sit in my pj’s drinking pinot than go compete for space to dance with 21-year-old hussies whose asses are hanging out of their dresses. Is it so hard to find a dress that covers your lady parts? Or at least wear underwear that does? This is a sign that I am getting old…

6. Instead of perusing Perez Hilton, I hit up Mommy Blogs like they hold the biggest gossip ever. I think I know some of you all better than most people know Beyonce’s or Britney’s dirt. And I love it – would SO rather see pictures of your adorable children and funny stories about your lives than another disgusting mugshot of Lindsay Lohan. Though I will admit my ears still perk up at certain celebrity news – 72 days of marriage and it’s over, Kim Kardashian?! Scoff.

7. I used to worry so much more about the way I looked when I was out in public. I didn’t need Texas hair (although I love big hair – L.O.V.E. it), but I still needed make-up and non-pjs to leave my house, even when I was sick. Now I  am much more lenient about the way I look and pay more attention to how cute the nugget looks. I think I need to revert back to my old self a little on this one though because I’m only two more sweatpants purchases away from being nominated for What Not to Wear.

8. Family seems less crazy – you know that weird aunt or silly cousin or overbearing grandma you swore you would never become? I feel more and more accepting of those people in my family and understand them better as I progress on my mommyhood journey. It’s especially cool how babies can bring families together.

9. Judgment and Acceptance – I have to admit that before I was a mom I judged other moms and people way more than I do now. For instance, I used to get so annoyed I when I was shopping at Target and there was a mom with a load of unruly kids. Or I would look at a mom who was really overweight and think that they were setting a bad example for their kids and should be more healthy. I now understand that you can’t always control your kids, and also that moms give everything to their families and often don’t take time for their own health. I still think that it’s important to teach your kids a healthy lifestyle, but I also get how hard it is to lose weight after having a baby. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a smoker and you smoke around your kids – f-you. You really suck.

10. My love for life – I complain a lot less about things than I did before, and Jackson has taught me how precious every day is. I know it sounds so incredibly cheesy, but my husband, baby and doggies are my everything. I am such a lucky girl to live the life I do and I recognize that – every. single. day.

And now for some adorable baby bathtime photos:


What has changed you since you took on a new role – mommy, wife, job, etc.?

Happy Tuesday!

Red heart, Tabitha


  1. LOL! This is so great! I was me too-ing the entire time! I couldn't get Mickey Mouse Clubhouse out of my head for MONTHS! 'The Fresh Beat Band' on Nick JR has got me locked with their songs.. even my co-workers joke with me that I sing about "Bananas" all day. Btw, I totally judged moms who let their kids watch cartoons enough to know the songs, etc... but it's totally changed. My daughter knows the songs, characters and has learned sooo much from children's shows. It's a bonding time for us. I used to judge about a ton of things but have come to realize that I was crazy. Every family really is different. I never understood that before.

    My husband and I do the wine and movie nights, too! It's much easier and relaxing! I cruise the mommy blogs to get the scoop but I still looove some celebrity gossip. No clue why, lol.

    I feel the same about going places looking different. I used to 'always wear heels' now- I haven't worn actual heels in forever! I can barely put it together to get groceries. I just have no time to look put together.. there's too many other things to make sure I have before I can leave the house.

    Sweet post :)

  2. hello there :) i like the photos of the kid :)

    you may consider my thoughts


  3. Love love love it!! Such a good, funny, entertaining post! I'm glad I stopped by from Miss Mommy's Tuesday Ten :) I'm your newest follower and I can't wait to read more :)
    Adorable little man you have there, about the same age as my Liam!
    Happy November new bloggy friend :)

  4. Cute post! My husband and I go for lots of walks because once the kids fall asleep in the stroller, it almost feels like alone time LOL.

  5. okay i admit i'm a stalker and read your blog always ;) but in regards to #7.. you are in no way about to be nominated for what not to wear!! i wear more sweats than you do, you look great!!! :)

    <3 Kelley

  6. Love this! I agree with so many of your points. Especially Kim K. 72 days, really?!? Your newest follower, thanks for visiting me a few weeks back. Sorry I am just returning the favor. A move and no internet can make it a bit hard to get through blogs! :-)

  7. You are a phenomenal photographer; those classes really pay off. Gpa and I love saving them for our albums.


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