Friday, November 11, 2011

Mommy Instincts

I officially have a sick baby. This is new ground for this momma and I am not liking the way it makes me feel – so helpless and like a failure. I have been doing lots of cuddling with Jackson today, and paying close attention to him, but he is definitely not himself. He has been extra fussy and the poor guy is really congested. I am headed to the pharmacy in a bit to pick up ear drops his pediatrician called in as well as antihistamine to clear his passages a bit.

What a bummer – I thought it was rough to be sick myself and take care of him but this is almost worse because I don’t know exactly what is wrong and how to fix it. I wish I could just buy him a toy and give him some soup to take his mind off of this. And I probably need a big bottle of wine.

And, I just found out my grandma is in the hospital. It doesn’t sound too serious, but they always dumb it down to me. What a great start to the weekend, right??

On a brighter note, JB has started saying the ma-ma sound. I pretend like he knows it’s for me, but I don’t think he has totally put it together yet.


  1. oh Tab! I'm sorry your having such a hard time. Thats got to be super hard to go through. And I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I hope she's okay. Keep me posted. Yall feel better Bartel family!

  2. Thanks lady! He is doing better with medicine, but I just hate to see him like this.

    And my grandma got to go home, phew! She needs to be monitored, but should be okay.

  3. Hope your baby is all better real soon!! It's not nice as a mummy to see someone so little be sick...they don't understand :(
    Glad your Grandmother is doing better!

  4. He will be better soon. Don't you worry!

    And dude. Enjoy this part where he doesn't call you mommy yet. When he starts talking he won't stop and all day long all you'll ever hear are demands that begin with "MOMMMMMMY"! Trust me. I'm there. And I'm going insane.

  5. Haha - I know that MOMMY scream you are referring to and you make a very valid point! I bet it will drive me nuts when it happens to me too. I think I just love the idea that he will start verbally communicating with me beyond screeches and crying!


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