Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Ten– Randomness

This past week has been a blur – I can hardly believe I haven’t posted since last Tuesday, but at the same time I feel like I am going, going, going. I had a big competition with both my JV and Varsity teams last weekend and we spent most of last week preparing and getting everything ready. I feel like I haven’t really been in the mood to do anything productive when I have down time.

And the time change really messed me up. JB’s sleep schedule hasn’t totally adjusted yet and he woke up last night at 3am and decided to just be awake for a while. Little stinker!

So I haven’t prepared anything grand or theme-like for this week’s link-up with Miss Mommy. I’m just going to wing it.

10 Random Things About Me/My Life at the Moment

1. I’m obsessed with lists. I love to make lists and thankfully it has ended up being a good quirk since I’ve been a mom and have no brain.

2. I sometimes regret that I didn’t go back to the south for college. I know that it was for the best because I wouldn’t have met Trevor, but I regret not taking a leap and trying something different when I had the mobility. We are seriously stuck in Colorado for the next 40 years. Thank goodness I like it here!

3. I eat weird things – like I love the taste of pickles dipped in orange juice (eww, right?). I love potato chips smothered with frosting, but I seriously dislike pork chops. Won’t touch them.

4. I played clarinet for 3 years in middle school, until I decided I was “too cool” for band. I sometimes think I should have stuck with it because it could have turned into something, but my love of dance quickly overshadowed other hobbies.

5. I wish I had curly hair – all my life I have tried to imitate natural curls with perms, curling irons, special curlers, etc. and they never work. My hair is so straight that I usually don’t have to flat iron it unless I want it to be shiny. I once had three at-home perms done in two days with zero success – not even a wave!! I’m so jealous of you curly/wavy-haired girls out there.

6. I make snap-judgments on everything – big or small. I decided that Trevor and I were going to make it after about a month of us being together. Yikes! So glad that worked out. I also do this with my hair. I will go into the salon and say “cut it off”. I love it for a day and then I regret it. All the way until it’s grown out again, which takes forever and by that point I want a change so I cut it. Vicious cycle. Silly me!!

7. I have been wanting to start my own Etsy shop with the bags I make and I’ve been too afraid :(. I also can’t seem to find any extra time to sew, but I think I’m just making an excuse about that. One of my goals is to get it together and at least have 5 bags on my site to sell!

8. I really want a little girl, but I am terrified of how terrible our relationship could be during her tween and teen years. I know so many girls that have had issues with their moms during this time and I used on be on their side, until I became a mom and now I see both angles.

9. I am a Twilight fiend. I am seriously so excited to see Breaking Dawn next weekend that I am going to buy tickets in advance. My husband graciously joins me for my tween fix (Twilight, Harry Potter, etc) so he will be my date in a theater full of 14-year-old girls. Heaven!!

10. I love my “job”. Seriously – I love staying home with Jackson. I am reminded of this daily because I have moments where I think going back to work would be a good choice and then many more moments where I am so thankful to hang with him all day. Sure, some days are rough, but they are an exception.


Thanks for reading! Go check out Miss Mommy’s Tuesday Ten and have a great day!



  1. I enjoyed reading your 10! I have a little boy too!

  2. Great list Tabitha!! Ewww to the pickles lol but I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!!! So I'm with you on that one :)

  3. How did you even think to dip pickles in OJ? haha
    I can't wait for Twilight either!

  4. Hey! I just realized you live in Colorado! Same here...and our babies were born like, a week apart :) Where in Colorado are you? We live in Evergreen...


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