Monday, November 28, 2011

I am ______–Tuesday Ten

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I am _____:
I am – a mommy. a wife. a procrastinator. an icing monger. a compulsive shopper. a second-guesser. sarcastic.
I wonder – what the future has in store for me and my family.
I see – My baby growing up right before my eyes.
I want – to be more organized and on top of tasks, to be more patient, to reconnect with friends, to see family more, to have lots of adventures with my guys, and to relish in every moment of these last three months before  turns 1.
I pretend – that little things don’t get to me, but they do. Like mean words, recipes that don’t work out, running late, and bitchy drivers.
I worry – that I will never catch up. No matter how many lists I make and attempts to fold all the laundry.
I cry – over anything sentimental that has to do with children or pets. I’m a total sucker. I cried during Beauty and the Beast last week. WTF??
I hope – that I am a good momma and wife. I try, but there are still days that I am overly tired, that I get frustrated and that I feel like I need a break.
I dream – of visiting faraway places, of having a second baby (girl, anyone?), of growing old with Trevor, of one day living in Hawaii or Florida, of building a custom closet, of meeting Bobby Flay and Paula Deen and Rachael Ray, and of living the life I have always dreamed of.
I feel – hopeful. excited for this holiday season. sometimes lonely. usually content. frazzled.
I love – listening to my baby sing to himself – it’s the most precious sound ever. holding hands with my husband. watching romantic comedies. frosting. blogging. finding deals. new jeans. twilight. make-up. cuddle sundays.
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  1. I wanted a second baby to have a girl and had another boy :) They are a handful! New follower from bloggy moms, have a great evening! You can find me at
    Stop by when you get the chance :)

  2. This post is so passionately written. I cry over anything sentimental too and it got worse after having my first baby (my friends think I'm weird.
    Thanks for linking up to Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop and for grabbing our button. Following you,xoxo.

  3. Stopping by from Miss Mommy's link up and I am now following! I seriously cry over anything. I cried one year watching the NFL draft. hahaha.... I am with ya on the compulsive shopping too.

  4. Stopping by from the Tuesday 10 link up :) I'm a crier too...Disney Movies get me every time! lol


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